Sunday, September 12, 2010

Can I Convince Him That Ruth Was a Quadroon?

Hey GD.
Hey, Adam. Glad we could get together and watch a sporting event together.
Definitely. I'm psyched. GEAUX TIGERS!

Hey, Adam, I have a question for you.
Go ahead, pal. Ask anything.
You're a smart guy. Best baseball player ever. Dead, retired, or alive. What's your take?
Babe Ruth.
Come on. How can he be the best without playing against black players?
Ok, fine. Hank Aaron.
His home run total is deceptive. He benefited from a shallow power alley in Milwaukee for 12 years.
Ok, then. Willie Mays.
Oh, so now you're just going to go down a list of all the greatest black players just to shut me up?
Roberto Clemente.
You're a racist.
Cecil Fielder.
Forget it. Go to hell.
Ok, ok, I'm sorry. Ty Cobb.
Oooh, nice choice.
But he never played against black players.
Yeah, you're right.
But he did beat a lot of black people up in his lifetime, so one could assume that since he could beat them at fighting, he could beat them at baseball.

Bad things will happen to you one day.

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