Monday, April 5, 2010

Letterman Correctly Predicts NCAA Basketball Title Game Three Years in Advance

A prophecy revealed to me at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

In February mmvii, my friend Jason was visiting New York from Wisconsin, and he got us Letterman tickets. The interns must have found us attractive because they put us in the second row right in front of Dave's desk.

A few minutes before the filming was to take place, Dave greeted the audience and asked if anybody had any questions. My hand shot up....

You sir, in the yellow shirt. What's your name?
Hi, Adam. Where are you from?
I see. Were you affected by the storms?
A bit. I moved here after.
Well, we're all glad you're ok, and I hope you enjoy living life in New York. What's your question, Adam?
Who ya got in the Final Four?
Oooh, Final Four. Ok, this is easy. Let's see...Butler and Duke. That's it. Those two teams, and that's it. Wait, that's not right. Adam, who's your favorite team?
Then that's it. LSU and Duke. That's your Final Four.

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BellaFitz said...

Six months for this?