Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Woe Is Me, I Can See, Hicksville Stole My Damn ID

A legend dies.

So I'm in Hicksville, New York, this morning, waiting at the town's Long Island Railroad station for my friend to come pick me up and take me to where I'm supposedly working today, and while I wait, I stop inside the Kinko's next to the station, find somebody's discarded ExpressPay card and begin making enlarged copies of my legendary driver's licence (pictured left). As I'd finished spening the remaining xxvi¢ on the card, my friend arrived, and we were off. Unfortunately, I left my damn license on the glass of the copy machine. I called the Kinko's, but the dude on the phone said that he couldn't find it.

Now I have to get a New York ID. What a pile of horse crap; cops now will not be able to tell my weight (actually, cops now will not be able to tell what I told the DMV three years ago what my weight was).

And now for some sweet irony from October 16, 2004:

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Tommy Salami said...

what is it with my gf's roommates losing their IDs? Btw some one scammed my corporate card in New Orleans, too. Just had it canceled. Maybe that even things out for ID thieves on sides of the Mason Dixon.