Monday, January 21, 2008

If Only Capulets and Montagues Had Dialogue Like This

This movie is so good that I might start pimping my daughter when she's only xii.
I saw Juno yesterday. It's the first time I've ever watched anything involving kids having sex that hasn't made me feel really uncomfortable. Seriously. It's my thing. That 70's Show, Romeo and Juliet, and even the story of the birth of Jesus, when Mary got it on with God, make me cringe. I just don't like it when kids bone. Is that so wrong?

But hey, Juno is my favorite-written movie in a long time. I've always told my big shot friends in the biz that great writing can overcome crappy acting or crappy directing, but neither great acting nor great directing can overcome crappy writing.

See the movie, get the soundtrack, and do it now. And when your 16-year old gets knocked up, keep it all in perspective: while it sucks that she isn't as cool as Juno, at least she isn't Jamie Lynn.

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