Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Holy Crap. Chocolate Skittles.

They're Skittles, and they're chocolate. Except the Vanilla ones. Those aren't chocolate at all. They're vanilla.
The Skittles people just threw something at us that we didn't even know we wanted.

I tried 'em tonight, and man o man are these babies good. Chocolate Skittles are the best obviously temporary promotion since caramel M&M's (I'm not an atheist, but if I were, it would be because caramel M&M's were discontinued).

Chocolate Skittles come in five flavors, all of which are unique and completely delicious!

Tastes like
S'moresTootsie Roll
VanillaTootsie Roll
Chocolate Caramel
Tootsie Roll
Chocolate Pudding
Tootsie Roll
Brownie Batter
Tootsie Roll


Rhine said...

How is vanilla a chocolate? At least they could have made it white chocolate, even though that's not chocolate either.

Tommy said...

Where the hell did you find these things at? I saw them in a Duane Reade once, and ever since I can't find them again.