Friday, December 21, 2007

My Evening in Trochaic Tetrameter

I was eating macaroni
With some jalapeño peppers
And some Tiger Sauce and Tony's;
Such a meal was fit for lepers.
Feeling slight digestive troubles,
Starting their safari through me
(Lo, the pains of gastric bubbles
Have a purpose not to coo me!).
It was with a start and hurry
And a mental state distorted
I gave not a cause to worry
That from in me I exported.
At an hour and a minute
I was humbly at the service
At my gut and what was in it
But I wasn't feeling nervous

For it isn't too abnormal
For a problem with digestion
To appear as too informal
To the toilet here in question.
This attack in me was vicious
But my faith in me was strengthened
By beliefs so superstitious
That defense in me is lengthened.
There was never any doubting
Or a death to my believing
That this fell postanal spouting
Caused intestinal rerouting.
I apologize if this is
Such a vision uninviting.
So I wish upon you kisses
With my anal underwriting.

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