Sunday, November 25, 2007

Would It Still Be Worth That Much?

Better like doo-doo money.
Back when the Saints were 0-4, I made a bet with Sunny Weathers. I bet him that the Saints would have a winning season; Sunny bet that the Saints would have a losing season. If the Saints went .500, it would be a tie bet or something.

The Saints have now won five of their last seven games, and they're 5-6. If the season ended now, I'd owe Sunny a cool $20. My fear is that I'll win the bet and receive a $20 bill in the mail covered in Sunny's seed. I fear it a bunch.

Conversely/Inversely, if the Saints have a losing season, and, therefore, I lose, there is nothing that can come out of my body that will not be touching the $20 bill that I mail Sunny.

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