Saturday, November 3, 2007

There Really Is a God

Anchors a-weigh! Navy beats Notre Dame for the first time since the Beatles first came to America.
I lived to see Halley's Comet, and I was slightly impressed. I lived to see the Red Sox win the World Series; I didn't really care. I lived to see the White Sox win the World Series; I cared a little less. I lived to see the Saints win a playoff game, and then another; even with the Saints' history of futility, it seemed inevitable. I lived to see LSU win a football national title; I was there, and it was pretty great.

But I never thought I'd see Navy beat Notre Dame. Way to go, Middies!

The beauty of it all is, I got it on tape. I'll be damned if Navy is gonna beat Notre Dame and I'm not getting it on tape.

In other news, Alabama might as well be picking cotton in Baton Rouge because LSU owns them. Seven out of the last eight, Gump faggots. Adam Bruce Hose, go chomp on a weiner.

Did you watch the game? It was cool to see the CBS crew show those whores wearing those houndstooth fedoras. Good old-fashioned, dried-out, scabbed-up, Grade-A Alabama whores.

I got this one on tape, too. I set my DV-R to tape the scheduled broadcast plus an hour afterwards, and it still wasn't enough. Extra special thanks to the Beast, who improvised by recording "CSI" (ie, the final five minutes of the game).

(There have been 28 games between LSU and Alabama since I've been born. The home team is 7-20-1 in those games.)

That's it, folks. I'm off to bed. Of course, I'll be listening to Country Memories by Jim Hawthorne. Take it away, Jim!

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