Friday, November 9, 2007

Larry Bird Back

The Get Along Gang. Not Making It Up...As We Go Along. Of equal value, nonetheless.
Five years ago today, Making It Up ended. Anybody remember that one?

Today, I had a dream that I was in the Getalong Gang. My name was Asshole Armadillo. I got along with Rocco Rabbit and Zipper Cat, and occasionally Bingo Beaver (until I made fun of his fear of water), but Dottie Dog and Woolma Lamb really hated me.

Last night I injured my back, but I don't know how. Alls I know is my back really really hurts worse than it's ever hurt before. Somebody gave me some pain pills last night at Tommy Danger, and then all my friends told me to take a cab home and not the subway. I'm a stubborn ass, and I woke up on the subway at 6am with a hurting back. I got home at about 7 and didn't go to work.

Spurs at Hornets tonight. First place in the Southwest is at stake, and everybody outside of Texas hates the Spurs. Here's my prediction:

Also five years ago today...

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