Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Terrible, Horrible, and No Good. But Not Very Bad.

Sometimes it rains in New York, and sometimes it's colder than you expected. You're wearing a t-shirt that your stepmom got you at a garage sale for $2 seven years ago, and you're not having a particularly good day. You're hungry, but your microwave stopped working, and you never learned how to cook because you're an idiot. You step in a puddle, and your socks get wet--the worst. You can feel a nose hair growing too long, and it's starting to tickle the other side of its nostril, and it's making you sneeze. You keep having to wipe off the snot on the t-shirt. Your umbrella has a leak in it, and water keeps dripping on the back of your neck. You forgot your iPod when you left for work, so you can't listen to Thin Lizzy, so you can't get psyched for nothin'. You get home, and your cable's out. You put in a sports bloopers video to cheer you up, and the VCR doesn't work.

Yep. Today's just gonna suck. No two ways about it. Might as well chug some Ny-Quil and have it over with.

But then you go to the bathroom and have a floater the size of a midget.

And all is well.

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