Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Pretty Good "I Was There" Story

The former site of some really nasty, adulterous, turn-of-the century sex. Back when you'd put on a Joplin 78 and get it on for a minute and a half
So at about 7pm last night I went to Mercury Bar in Kips Bay to talk smack with my Kentucky friend whom I hadn't seen since he left for Lexington to see UK beat LSU. Then I left right before 8 and walked over to the Flatiron district, where I was in Drunken Focus Group, a show produced by my pal Charlie in a pub called Limericks.

But as I neared Madison Square, I saw more fire trucks than I'd ever seen. A building on W 24th that actually touches Limericks (W 23rd) collapsed.

It smelled really bad outside at the time, so we were all (there were other people outside, by the way, because it's New York), thinking that maybe somebody set off a doo doo bomb. "Eyewitnesses" were telling news reporters that they saw the "explosion" and that people were running out of the building. Those "eyewitnesses" then tried to sell me a $10 pair of authentic Jordans.

And this, my friends, is--you guessed it--another photo of the exact same building.

But it turns out that it was just a building that collapsed on its own. Thankfully, the building was vacant. And it turns out that the building has a bit of history.

The building was built in 1901, and like five years later, this guy (the guy who designed the arch in Washington Square) was killed in this kinky love triangle sex murder that ended up inspiring that 1981 movie Ragtime.

GD was at the show. Afterwards, we met some tail that claimed to be 18. The older, and therefore, creepier, I get, the more of a smile that kind of thing puts on my face. But GD and I had business to which to attend, like not going to jail and being forced to have amazing sex with each other.

We ended up trotting over to Black Bear to see Belle and to see some of the costumes. The winners: the guy and the girl who dressed up as Double Dare contestants, complete with goggles, knee pads on the elbows, and bicycle helmets for the physical challenge.

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