Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Own P; Sold My Fo-Chun

Adam Wilson and Vin Rock--two guys who are just down with their own P nowadays.
If anything defines me as a person, it is my love for hip hop in the 1990's.
Yesterday I tried out a spring mattress, and it sucked. Then I tried out a foam mattress, and it shattered every vertebra I have. Then I tried out a down mattress, and it gave me athsma. Then I tried out a futon mattress, and I bought it. I basically bought a couch called a bed.
Which brings up an interesting question: How old is too old to "crash" at somebody's house?
At some point, I will be too old (and presumably uncool) to ask a friend, "Hey playa, can I crash at your pad?" I'll have to spring for a Motel 6. What is the age of transition?


zclyde said...

I couldn't help but notice that You referred to a Futon. If You're looking for a good deal on a Futon Cover, try:

Adam David Wilson said...

zclyde, I assume that by "I couldn't help but notice that You referred to a Futon," that means that you can read English since the blog entry to which you replied specifically mentions a futon more than once.

Then you bring up the possibility of me needing a good deal on a futon when said blog entry specifically states that I already bought a futon.

You stupid bastard. Please go suck on a shotgun.