Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Deanna Deanna Bo Banna Banana Fanna Fo Fanna

I covet this woman. She's Betty Rubble hot.
I'm watching some ESPN daytime sports/interview/variety show, and the lady that hosts it is interviewing Deanna Favre. Man o man, Deanna is hot. Her accent drives me wild. Even when she's talking about ta-ta cancer, it's incredibly hot. Where's she from? *checks Wikipedia* Oh, she's from Kiln like Brett. They're probably cousins. This lady makes incest hot.

Because I have such respect for Deanna, I'm disappointed at her curious misuse of pronouns:
"Well, Brett and me we were real excited about us comin' back to the Packers. It was awesome."
I hate when sports fans say things like "Hey, y'all, we beat y'all!" You know, because "we" isn't on the team and probably has never played a down in his/her/its/their life/life/life/lives.

True, Deanna Favre eluded breast cancer's corner blitz. She's tough as hell. Mississippi women are like that. The average Mississippi woman has the strength of xliii Connecticut men.

But Deanna isn't a football player. She's not a Packer, unless you're talking about packing Brett's toys in the suit case when the Favres go on vacation to the Bogue Chitto (pronounced boga chitta because words in the South kick ass). (Deanna Favre is so amazing that she makes my feigned chauvinist/sexist comments not funny at all.)

So, Deanna, Brett--not we--returned to the Packers this year.

All of this raises an interesting question: Deanna Favre, will you marry me?

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