Sunday, September 16, 2007

We're Home

There was a Gilligan's Island movie once, and the castaways somehow were discovered and brought back to civilization. The castaways found out, however, that being where they'd always dreamed of being wasn't all it was cracked up to be. The Professor's theories were ridiculed; Mary Ann's family's farm was sold; Ginger was asked to do a nude scene in a movie; The Howells couldn't keep their millions "honestly"; nobody needs a skipper and first mate.

They decided to hang out on the Howells' boat and catch up; by now they hadn't seen each other for weeks. Sure enough, a huge storm kicks up, and the new Minnow was shipwrecked on an island. And of course they landed right next to a piece of the old Minnow, so they'd been shipwrecked to the same island. They were upset and confused for a minute, but then the Skipper said, "Wait a minute, guys--we're home!"

It's kind of like the Saints. Last year they kicked all kinds of ass, but something about it just wasn't right. The Saints are 0-2, and they look horrible.

We're home.

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