Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunny Weathers and Why He Will Burn in Hell

Still fuming over the Jena 6-on-1 and expressing it with Dana Gould's jokes.
Sunny Weathers wins the award for 2007 Bone-Chillingly Tasteless Sports-Related Text Message of the Year. The text messages (that's right--there were two):
"The South Carolina quarterback is white. Does that make the LSU defensive line the Jena 6?"
That was at about 3pm. At about 9pm, when Alabama benefitted from a bad call against Georgia, I texted Sunny, "God, I hate Alabama," to which the hellbound Mr. Weathers replied:
"Where's a Marshall airplane when you need it?"
This one sent chills up my spine, and it was so offensive that somewhere, 1000 miles away, Matthew McConaughy got severe cottonmouth--and he wasn't even high.

Congratulations, Sunny. You are one sick bastard.

Note: This entire blog was copied verbatim from the jokes of Dana Gould. I have never met Ms. Gould, but I'm sure she is very funny.

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