Monday, September 17, 2007


Has always made me wet myself; will always make me wet myself.
I had a nightmare about somebody last night.

Remember the really bad, 2nd King Kong from 1976 where when Charles Grodin's posse took Kong from his island in the South Pacific (apparently even in 1976 we thought there were gorillas in the South Pacific), and then Jeff Bridges says something like, "Look what you've done to the natives, Charles Grodin. You've taken away their only reason to live. Sure, they fear Kong, and sure, he can kill them all, but he was all they had. In two weeks these people will be nothing but a bunch of fat drunk bored sonofabitches," or something like that. It was kind of like that when Spurrier was coaching the Washington NFL club (the one with the racist name). We SEC fans had no one to fear.

Now he's back. And though urine soaks my tighty whiteys and hardwood floors thanks to my subconscious encounter with him last night, I feel alive.

I have predicted the score of this week's game between South Carolina and Louisiana State:


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