Monday, September 10, 2007

Remembering 9/10

Two-thirds of the way there.
Today is September 10.

A year ago today, I watched The Simpsons season premier.

Ehh, we'll take it.

Two years ago today, I watched LSU beat Arizona State in Tempe, thanks to a bad call in LSU's favor. Nice "catch," Early.

Three years ago today, I performed at Perks with The Family Dinner. I'll never forget that night.

Four years ago today, Jonathan Stokes and I debuted our Stokes/Wasiloski/Wilson-penned folk-rock hit "Three-way" at Richoux's at the Downtown Comedy District.

Five years ago today, I met Jonathan Harb. That's right--the Jonathan Harb!

Six years ago today, I skipped three friends' birthday parties and listened to Exile on Main St., if you know what I mean.

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lessthanpleased said...

9/10 really changed everything.