Monday, September 24, 2007

Paper Bags?

Damn Erlers.
Well, it looks as if the Oilers are going to beat the Saints. I thought K-Ville meant something. Congrats to Warren Moon and the gang. Electric slide all the way back to the House of Pain.

I won't go so far as to wear a paper bag on my head for the rest of this dismal season. But I will wear paper bags as underwear.

Monday Night Football's crew is great, but I totally wish it was just Kornheiser and Wilbon in the booth. "Oh, here you go, Wilbon. Ya boy, Olindo Mare, who's a missed extra point away from sitting on a love seat with Chuck Lohmiller and an urn containing the remains of George Blanda--who, by the way, was always an underrated quarterback and may actually still be alive--is lining up for a 47-yarder. He'll make this the day my hair starts falling out on Bandstand."

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