Friday, September 7, 2007

I Was Right and Wrong

Will go 15-1 in 2007. I guarantee it.
My score prediction from last night was right, except the exact opposite. God decided to play a little joke on me. Before the game, I sent out a mass text to some friends:
Who is the man who claims to be able to defeat the Saints?
I got a few funny replies:

Who dat, bitch?
-Wonky Chastened Pleb

Well played.
-Sugarlike Oddball Gem

Mike...not ditka, but the tiger!
-Joy Men Jeers

I do not know this man. I would ask who dat is?
-Halt Jaunty Horror

Cunty McSuckass?
-Degrade Worth Sewerage

Final score from last night:
Cunty McSuckassxli
New Orleansx

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