Tuesday, September 4, 2007

ESPN2's Perspectives (a dialogue/dream)spor

Bubba Deigo texted me last Thursday during the LSU / Mississippi State Game that the color commentator on the ULM / Tulsa game on ESPN2 sounded just like Tim Meadows. I dreamed this later that night, and I keep giggling like a retard about it.

It's fo' fifty-two in the a.m., and that means it's time for the replay of the fantastic football game between the Tulsa Golden Hurricane and the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks. I'm your host, Dr. Lionel Osbourne.

And I'm Ron Franklin. The Warhawks are playing ball control tonight, Lionel. Head coach Charlie Weatherbie does not want to take too many chances against this tight Golden Hurricane defensive line. Fourth down and two yards to go at the Tulsa 46, and surprisingly, UL-Monroe is going for it.

Ron, in the event that the UL-Monroe Warhawks fail to gain two yards on this play, how many more chances will they get?

Actually, Lionel, none. If a team fails to convert on fourth down, the other team is awarded possession of the ball.

That is fantastic.

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