Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sellin' Out, Nekkid

The naked sell out.
If you stand at 45th Street at Broadway/7th Avenue (the intersection most famous for being the exact spot where that sailor kissed that chick on V-J Day), you'll see Robert John Burck, the Naked Cowboy, rocking. He wears nothing but briefs, a hat, and boots. So he's not naked. But his soul is, or something.

I'm a fan of the Naked Cowboy (and also of the Naked Cowgirl), mostly because if I looked like he (or she) does, I'd be doing the exact same thing with my life.

(Hold on. A-Rod is at the plate. Let me see if he can get #500......nope.)

Still true to form
Ok, where were we?

Oh yeah. The Naked Cowboy is cool. But today he wasn't wearing just briefs, but briefs with the Hot Rod movie logo all over it. Naked Cowboy's little bulge had a picture of Andy Samberg all over it. It's the grossest looking crotch I've ever seen.

I respect Naked Cowboy, but I'm disappointed in him today. Naked Cowboy doesn't stand for Hollywood; he stands for freedom, God, love, freedom, and unity. Get with the program, Cowboy.

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