Thursday, August 16, 2007

Remembering, Mourning, but Mostly Remembering Because I'm Good at That

Today in 1938, Robert's whiskey was poisoned by the jealous husband of a lover. He died later that night on his hands and knees, barking like a dog.

Today in 1962, Pete Best got screwed, and it's a good thing. He never could have written anything as great as "Octopus' Garden."

Today in 1965, the guys who screwed Pete Best over played to 56,000 people at Shea Stadium.

Today in 1977, Elvis left us. Notice that I did not say that he died.

Today in 1998, I left West Monroe for college. It was Madonna's 40th birthday. I wore a Pink Panther t-shirt.

Today in 2005, I drank a lot of Captain Morgan and listened to "Going, Going, Gone" by another guy named Robert.

Today in 2006, I ate oatmeal and waffles and a banana for breakfast, and I took a picture of my crappy haircut. Man o man, that fo'head is getting bigger.

Today in 2007, I copied the exact same blog entry I posted on this day in 2006, and you didn't notice.

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