Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mike VI or Ditka?

Mike VI

Regular Ditka
LSU won. I'm nearly completing move number xl tomorrow.

I sent a bunch of friends a text message asking, "Who would win in a cage match: MIke VI...or Ditka?" I got about 15 replies, 10 of which were "Regular Ditka or mini Ditka?"

Hammer added, "Ditka via carotid bite."

Sex in a Can said, "Ditka would eat Mike VI and crap out Mike VII!"

Bubba Deigo quipped, "Stalemate. And hey, if you're getting the ULM/Tulsa game on ESPN2, the black announcer sounds just like Tim Meadows."

Stallion's was the best, however: "Mike VI. Home field advantage. It's a cage match."

Stallion wins. Geaux Tigers.

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