Monday, August 6, 2007

Le Meilleur Logo d'Équipe de LNH (The Greatest NHL Team Logo)

Le hockey, c'est bon!
I was just thinking about how some NFL team logos make me really mad because of how stupid they are, and, contrarywise, I was thinking about how artistically brilliant some other logos are, and I blogged about it a few days ago (congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for having the coolest NFL team logo, ). Then I thought about how some NHL logos make me laugh because every one of them is really stupid in a fun way. So which one is best? Here's what we have in la ligue nationale de hockey:

Ok, let's make a fun rule: if your team has an alternate logo that kicks the official logo's ass, let's switch it out right now:

Here's what we have now:

Now let's eliminate some of the crappier ones.

The greatest NHL logo cannot represent a team that moved from Canada to the United States. No real hockey fan wants to see the Yellowknife Igloosmiths become the San Diego Sno-Cones.



Furthermore, the greatest NHL team logo cannot represent a team who moved from the northern United States southward. We'll leave that practice to retired New York Jews.



If your logo looks like something that I might find on my 5th grade Trapper Keeper, it's gotta go.


And if there are any southern teams left, let's go ahead and sweep those chiggers under the rug.


And let's keep doing the housecleaning. If we're using your alternate logo because your official logo isn't as awesome, you have to go away. It's only fair.


Ugh! Too many words!


If you used to have an awesome logo,

and then changed it to something considerably less awesome and more anime, out.

If your logo happens to be the second-worst logo in the history of sports (and marketing in general), it has to go:

(In case you're wondering what the worst logo in the history of sports is.....)

If the catastrophe above is making you hungry for fish sticks, it's probably because of its close resemblance to this:

Mmm...minced parts.

And now we have an elite viii:

Wagon wheels don't look too good at this point in the blog. Fire is cool, but "Flames" are gay. Italics are bad, and Bon Jovi and Bruce both suck. The Roman Legion was full of rapists. I don't know what a Flyer is, and I've never heard of Google or Wikipedia so I can't look it up. Speaking of flying, Penguins don't do it, and it looks like one is doing just that in the Pittsburgh logo.


We're left with two classics.

I don't remember the first time I saw Le Club de Hockey Canadien, but I do remember my first experience with menstrual cunnilingus.

Congratulations, Detroit. You have the greatest NHL team logo.

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