Monday, August 20, 2007

Et Tu, HBK? (a dialogue)

The dialogue below assumes that the reader has seen the following video.

Hey, Hammer. Guess what?
Marty Jannetty, formerly of the Rockers, MySpaced me today!
Haha, you should play him some sweet chin music
Dude. Low blow.
What? Too soon? It was December 2, 1991. Let it go, Wilson.
I'm just saying that Marty probably gets bad flashbacks when he goes to get a haircut.
Sum'bitch can't even read Julius Caesar without peeing hisself.

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lessthanpleased said...

If you can find it, check out Marty Jannetty v. Kurt Angle from WWE Smackdown a couple of years ago (I think two).

Jannetty carried Angle to one of the best matches of his career, and it was on free fucking TV.

The WWE was so impressed that they offered Marty a job. He accepted. The only problem was that this violated Marty's parole since it would require him to leave the state, so he got fired again.

The dude was born to teach young-uns how to do the pro-grapz~!, but The Man keeps bringing him low.