Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cardboard Crippler

Projected to be mmvii's most popular Halloween costume.
I was on the subway yesterday, and next to me was a guy who had a life-size cardboard cut-out of Chris Benoit. I sent a mass text message to almost everybody I knew:
"There's a guy on the subway with a life size cut out of chris benoit . If i see a couple of bibles i'm jumping off the train"

I got a lot of responses, and they collectively made me laugh:

"Yeah, right."

Angry Rain, Houston, Texas

"That's really weird"

Mole Shrine, Shreveport, Louisiana

"He was a great dad. Hey, I'm going to be in town next weekend."

Proletarian Melodies, Algiers, Louisiana


Hemlock 'n' Client, New York, New York

"weird. dont make eye contact. roid rage"

Major Slash Haul, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"Canadian crippler"

Brim Nests, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"ha ha thats awesome"

The Au-fait Key, Boston, Massachusetts


Slinky as Tarzan, Brooklyn, New York

"Oh man..just kill the guy. He prob wants to reunite with benoit anyway and, you'll be doing him a favor, and therefore your good deed for the day."

Clunks So Rapidly, New York

"Id contact an mta official. Be a good citizen."

Saintly Nest, Brooklyn, New York

"Whose that"

Drat Cravenly Mill, New York, New York

"Dnt blame u!"

Rat Race Groins, Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania

"Why bibles"

Jeer Nimbly Ant, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Scantier Ran, Brooklyn

"Who is this idont have a name 4 this num?"

Few Harsh Fans, Baton Rouge

"Mark? For gods sakes be careful"

Kind Cork Dot, Baton Rouge

And my favorite one of them all...

"Get him in the crippler crossface. For God's sake it's your only chance."

Snack the Pleb, Austin, Texas

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