Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Bryant Park Nap

Can you imagine this under my Mickey Mouse sheets? *sigh*
During my lunch break today, I went to Bryant Park and took a nap on the grounds. No blanket or anything. Just me and the grass and some nanners and The Rock Snob*s Dictionary (a book given to me by James Brown, complete with handwritten note that says "Adam -go to Hell -James Brown.").

My last thought before dozing off for a bit was,
If someday I have three sons, and I name them Moses, Louis, and Jerome, would any of my friends get the joke and say to me in an voice of more-masculine-than-necessary approval, "Nice," while giving me a Presidential quasi-thumbs-up?
You can buy a lot of this at Union Square.

and when my cell phone alarm woke me up about half an hour later (because I was sleepy enough to doze off for four hours, and I know how good my work is at firing white people for sleeping for four hours in Bryant Park when they're strung out on oxycodone [not that I'm on oxycodone, but when you meet me for the first time and I've got three-day stubble, you never really think, "Man, there's no way this guy's strung out on OC's!"]), my first thought was,
Man, this grass feels better than my bed. I'd be a good homeless guy.
I looked around and saw half college students, and half really strung-out white fortysomethings with button-up shirts unbuttoned, exposing their really tan (or dirty?) bellies. Are they gentrifying homelessness, too?

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