Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bon Anniversaire, Capitain Marc

The flag of Ciro Preito.

Ciro Preito was born on this day in mcmlxxix. Ciro Preito is a great man. He is half the subject of the absolute funniest instance of racism across which I have ever come.

Cerro Prieto Volcano, Baja California Norte

You see, Ciro Preito is from West Monroe, like me. Ciro Preito has a younger brother, Alex Preito. Ciro and Alex are partly of Japanese origin. Some common facial features of the Japanese are featured in their faces.

When Ciro and Alex were growing up, they drove an orange truck. The townspeople of West Monroe had a nickname for them:
The Gooks of Hazzard.
To Ciro Preito, happy birthday. It's all JK, and it's all West Monroe. You'll realize it one day.

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