Thursday, July 19, 2007

Red Stick Ramblers in Brooklyn

Here is a map of my day yesterday.

Last night I went a place in or near Park Slope called Southpaw to see the Red Stick Ramblers, who have now become the first act I've seen twice in the City of New York (I really had hoped that it would be the Allman Brothers Band on consecutive nights, but things don't always turn out the way Duane plans).

I usually don't dance because my Baptist roots prevail all too often, but I did last night, and I'm pretty good compared to all the Brooklyn tail that was out there last night. And the Ramblers put on a great show.

After the show, I talked to Chas, the guitar player, and it marked the 1000th time I've had a conversation with a musician about how comedians want to be rockstars and rockstars want to be comedians.

Afterwards, I met the Beast for a midnight snack at a diner in Murray Hill. That began and ended, and then I walked her to the place at which she was shacking up for the night because her Williamsburg apartment flooded. At this point, I realized that I am both a connoisseur of geography and a rock snob extraordinaire. I knew I had precisely 2 miles to walk, and I knew precisely how tired I was, and I knew that it would take exactly 38 minutes to walk, and I knew that Thin Lizzy's Shades of a Blue Orphanage lasts exactly that long, and I knew that it was in my iPod. I cranked Shades and walked home, and the title track ended just as I entered my apartment.

In honor of a great Red Stick Ramblers show, here are the top xiv most played RSR songs in my iTunes:
i"Valse de Balfa"
ii"Main Street Blues"
"Rattle My Cage"
"When the Sugar Cane's Tall"
"Blue Drag"
"Parting Waltz"
"La Valse de Chaoui"
"xvi Tons"
"It Ain't Right"
"Alabama Jubilee"
"I've Been Alone Before"

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