Friday, July 6, 2007

Lanford Wilson

It's a shame that I'm not responsible enough to go to bed early without spending 3.5 hours youtubing every rasslin' match I've ever seen and can remember. It's an even bigger shame when I do it for the commentary of guys like Jesse "the Body" Ventura and Bobby "the Brain" Heenan.
Gorilla MonsoonHere comes the Ultimate Warrior, and listen to this crowd, Jess!
Jesse Ventura
This crowd has come alive, Monsoon. Feel the electricity!
Gorilla Monsoon
You can cut it with a knife, Jess!
I was listening to the Dixieland Jazz Band in my iPod today, and my black friend from Brooklyn made fun of me for it. In his iPod was an extensive selection of his favorite band...Linkin Park. We then walked by an able-bodied, white, homeless man with a Dixie cup in his hand, and my Brooklynite friend dropped a dollar in the cup. I'm getting really freaked out at some things that happen around here.

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