Sunday, July 22, 2007

History, Journey

You look beautiful this evening.
Thanks, Adam. And thank you for dinner. I've always wanted to eat at Sardi's.
It's an amazing place. There's an interesting story behind all those caricatures on the wall. On the day James Cagney died, his caricature was stolen, so now, anytime a new caricature is drawn, two copies are made. The original goes into a vault, one copy goes to the subject of the caricature, and the other goes up on this wall.
You're so brilliant, Adam. I swear, sometimes I think you know everything.
What can I say? I had the best history teacher on earth--West Monroe High School's Mr. Warner.
I don't doubt Mr. Warner's competence as a high school history teacher, but there's no way he was cooler than my history teacher--Baton Rouge Magnet High School's Mr. Lighter.
What would make you think a stupid thing like that?
Mr. Lighter was the coolest. He rode to school on a motorcycle, and get this--he like, toured with Journey.
I know for a fact that my history teacher is cooler than yours.
Prove it.
My history teacher never toured with Journey.

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