Friday, July 20, 2007

"Hammerfall - We Will Prevail" - a Dialogue

Hey Adam. I'm glad you came over to watch the game.
Me, too, Hammer. I can't wait 'til kickoff. Geaux Tigers!
Hell yeah! Well, kickoff's not until 7. We have some time to kill. Hey, I know what we can do--we can rock out to some of my favorite tunes. Have you ever heard of Hammerfall?
It's Norwegian death metal. They rock really hard. Here's my favorite song by them.

(plays "Hammerfall," a song by Hammerfall)

Let's hail the metal Gods, bare your heart
All for one, our burning hearts will live forever
One for all, together standing strong
Hammerfall - we will prevail
Dude, what's so funny?
"Hammerfall - we will prevail" - Like, prevail over what?
Not rocking.

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