Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The 4th of Williamsburg

It was an honor to spend the 181st anniversary of the near-simultaneous deaths of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in Red Auerbach's original stomping ground, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Hot Rod = Man Crush?
Early in the day, I came to a resolution: The former rassler with whom I'd most like to hang out is Rowdy Roddy Piper--agree or disagree?

Speaking of rasslers, I've got more names courtesy of the new funniest woman on the face of the earth, Stephen Downey Black of Austin, Texas:
  • Rowen Hart
  • Sensational Queen Mary
  • Brooklyn Trawler
  • Isle of Mankind
  • Man-o-Warlord
  • British Royal Navy Davey Boy Smith
  • The Dockers
  • George the Animal Seal
  • Brother Love Boat
  • Bob Backstroke
  • Adorable Adriatic Adonis
  • Dam Dam Bigelow
  • Lord Alfred Rays
  • Harley Yacht Race
  • Sid Fishus
  • Swan Simmons
  • Ronnie Octupus' Garvin
  • Big Van Wader
  • The American Stream Dusty Rhodes
  • Mark Henry the Navigator
  • The Undertowker with Paul Barrier Reef

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