Tuesday, June 26, 2007

There's Battlescars on All My Guitars III

славной вдохновителями музыку ozma
Ozma wrote on my MySpace wall Sunday to inform me that they had a show Monday at the Knitting Factory. So I went to the show. (I happened to stand right next to a guy who was at the first Ozma show to which I went--in Houston in 2000. If I were a stupid chick, and therefore stupid, I would say, "Oh my god this is so random!" but I didn't. Instead, I said, "Where are you from?....Lufkin? I fished there.")

I made an ass out of myself, but it was unfair how this happened. Check this out:

One of the opening acts, The Eastern Conference Champions (great name!) from Philadelphia, was playing a pretty good set, and then they did the "introduce the members of the band and ask for more audio in the monitors" part of the show:
ECC Bassist Vern ZCan we get a little more juice on the monitors, Gene? Thank you. New York City! I'd like to introduce the band right now if you don't mind. On drums, we got Greg Lyons (applause, a few Geldoffesque woo!s)! On guitar and vocals, my good friend John Ostrander (larger applause, more woo!s)! And behind this amazing handlebar moustache (points to self) Derek Smalls on bass!
(complete silence)
(ennui, awkwardness)
I don't know which is worse:
  1. Not getting a Spinal Tap joke, or
  2. Getting a Spinal Tap joke that good and not laughing at it.
Either way, I was and am not pleased. I bought the ECC EP after the show simply because of the sense of humor of their bassist. You'll never see John Paul Jones, John Entwistle, John Deacon, or John McVie tell jokes that funny.

Ozma was really good. They played just about all my favorites, and the new stuff was just as good. When I saw them in 2000, I was 20, and I was one of the oldest people in the audience. Now I'm 27. I made sure to shave before the show and wear a hat.

Юрий Гагарин славный космонавт
Top xiv Ozma songs in my iTunes:
  1. "Landing of Yuri Gagarin"
  2. "Rocks"
  3. "Domino Effect"
  4. "You Know the Story"
  5. "Battlescars"
  6. "If I Only Had a Heart"
  7. "Apple Trees"
  8. "Continental Drift"
  9. "Immigration Song"
  10. "The Ups and Downs"
  11. "Natalie Portman"
  12. "No One Needs To Know"
  13. "Lorraine"
  14. "Flight of Yuri Gagarin"

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