Friday, June 22, 2007

Pistol Pete Would Have Turned 60

Jesus. The Beatles. Pete Maravich.

Those are the only three that matter. If I walk a piece of earth that was ever touched by either of these three, it really means something. I could be excavating Noah's Ark, and in it could be Elvis Presley's diary and Johnny Unitas's Super Bowl socks, and I wouldn't even open my eyes wide.

Jesus is the object of my religion and faith. The Beatles, though they did not create my favorite music, possess and project an iconic quality that is unrivaled by any other musical being. Pete Maravich is a superhero. The stories about him--like the one where he spun a basketball on his finger for an hour just to win a bet involving Dr. Pepper--aren't exaggerated. He was like a comic book character, and basketball was his power.

Peter Press Maravich was born 60 years ago today in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

Happy Birthday, Pistol.

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