Friday, June 29, 2007

I Remember Every Little Thing As If It Happened Only Yesterday

What was the most intimate moment in your life? Being nursed by your mother? The handshake you got from your father the first time you were seriously injured at a sporting event? The first time you made love? Or was it the time you sang "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" at karaoke with a girl you just met?

Cara Chute and me, June 28, 2007, at an unknown Upper East Side bar.
First off, "Paradise" (transcribed "Paradise by the Dashboard Light: I Parasise; II Let Me Sleep on It; III Praying for the End of Time" in the original liner notes of Bat out of Hell) is the hottest duet of all time. That's right, even hotter than "Under Pressure." To be so bold as to select that song at a karaoke event with a person whom you have just met is to say that life is short, and the stakes are high. It's the kind of thing that makes karaoke mean something.

The girl and I entered the stage, and she, like me, was off-book (I even nailed the baseball play-by-play). We sang it so well you'd'a thought I was obese and she was actually horny.

The Beast texted me this morning: "I seriously had to change undergarments after your performance." I'll assume she's talking about "Paradise" and not the sex.

It was long ago, and it was far away, and it was so much better than it is today....

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