Saturday, June 30, 2007

A's/Yanks, Rasslin' Underwater Names

Assaulted the Yankees for seven innings Saturday.
A year ago right now I was raising hell on my last night as a resident of Louisiana. Today a friend called me at about 7:30am (about three hours after I'd gone to bed) and asked if I wanted to go see to a baseball game today. I went. The teams competing were the Athletic Club of Oakland and the New York Yankees.

Metairie native Chad Gaudin took the mound and went Chris Benoit on the Yankees, only allowing one hit. I hate it when the Yankees lose because Yankees fans are old and bitchy.

Really, the game was kind of boring because no Yankees did well, and because it's baseball, which isn't a fun sport by any sane, rational stretch of the sane, rational imagination. So I began thinking of more underwater rassler names and texting Mike:
  1. Chris Benwater
  2. Chris "Sea of" Jericho
  3. Triple H2O
  4. Brutus the Barbary Coast Beefcake
  5. Gorgeous Fjord
  6. Ken Clamrock
  7. Hillbilly Swim
  8. John Seana
  9. Gorilla Monsoon

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