Friday, June 15, 2007

Am I Right, Ladies?

I just remembered that I told an old girlfriend once, "Well, I've always been a chubby chaser." What a horrible thing to say! That's dumber than saying "Wow, I should be paying you for this!" during sex.

I feel a sense of obligation that has me almost calling her to apologize. That is, if she's still alive, because I wouldn't be surprised if she slit her own throat after I said that to her. I mean, what's worse than being called fat by your dreamy boyfriend? Am I right, ladies? Hey ladies--therapy! Periods! Men are stupid! Am I right, ladies?


Emory said...

Chubby Chaser...not so bad. that what you like and if she can't deal with it than thats her issue. By you being a chubby chaser means you like giving the chubby chicks some lovin', which means you're into personality, she could only be so lucky!

Adam David Wilson said...

Gayest. Comment. Everrrrrr.