Sunday, June 10, 2007

2007 NBA Finals Game 2: Cavaliers @ Spurs

The game hasn't even started, and I can already tell you a few things wrong:

  1. The absolute cutest.
    The Finals are carried by ABC, and Bob Costas works at NBC.
  2. The visiting team (Cleveland) is being introduced with the Undertaker's theme in the background. I guess the message meant to be sent is, "Man, we're gonna totally kill the Cavs, and then we're going to bury them in a collective grave, after which we'll hire an undertaker to make sure they don't escape and play more basketball games!" What these ad-wizards don't know is that the Undertaker theme is bad ass and gets basketball players psyched in a way not unlike the way "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath would.
  3. The home team (San Antonio) is being introduced with "Are You Ready for This?" in the background. That song gets grown men psyched about the same way that "It's Raining Men" does.
  4. The Celtics should have gotten Tim Duncan.
  5. The Spurs' public address announcer is doing a dead-on impression of Ben Stein (observation courtesy of John Arthur Bui Taylor).
Ok, the game's starting, and I have to go. Huong is lying on her side on the couch watching the game. Do all Asians watch TV sideways?

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BellaFitz said...

Bueller.... Bueller.... Bueller....

Wilson, you're just jealous of Bob Costas' follicular superiority.

As for your Asian friend, do what I do with my main man Kenny (who is Chinese-American): pop in a DVD of "Sideways" and sit back and giggle.