Friday, May 8, 1992

The Dallas Trip

I'll never forget this Dallas trip for a lot of reasons.

Yesterday morning Mama drove me to the Ouachita Parish School Board Building and dropped me off where the gifted class trip began (I still don't understand why they let us do this just because we're supposedly smart, but I ain't complainin'.). There were 13 of us from Kiroli:

Dallas Skyline. Not pictured: Texas Stadium. Thanked: God.
  1. Kelly Davis
  2. Anna Gregory
  3. Andy Harris
  4. Jenni Hastings
  5. Jayme Hawthorne
  6. Justin Hebert
  7. Jill Nguyen
  8. Bonnie Pace
  9. Anne Powell
  10. Jennifer Sims
  11. Allie Verlander
  12. Angela Williamson
  13. Adam Wilson
We had to pair up with a buddy to sit on the bus. Kelly paired up with Jennifer, Anna with Jenni, Andy with Justin, Jayme with Anne, Jill with Allie, and Bonnie with Angela. Yeah, yours truly was the odd man out. Damn. I had to be paired up with the odd man out from Drew, whose name is Chet Graham. I'm glad I met him because he shared all his snacks with me on the six-hour trip on I-20 (my mom packed all my snacks in my suitcase that goes in the bottom of the bus where I can't get to it).

Texas School Book Depository, Dallas.

It was really cool to be in Dallas because I don't have to be in school. I've been to Dallas once before, so most of the stuff we did here, I've done before. I'd never seen Dealey Plaza (where John F. Kennedy was shot) and the Cotton Bowl for the first time, though. My camera was out of film so I asked Anna to take a picture of the Cotton Bowl for me.

The Cotton Bowl
We went to the Galleria and ice skated. It was pretty fun. It was sad, though, to see that there was a girl from another school named Amanda, who couldn't skate because she's sick with cancer. I kinda wanted to talk to her, but I'm an idiot and I'd probably just bother her. But I felt sorry for her. She's only 11 and she'll probably die soon.

When we got to the hotel room last night, Justin didn't talk to us much. He just listened to his new Weird Al tape (Off the Deep End)
I want this for my birthday this year.

and laughed his ass off all night. Andy and I argued over whose parents suck more. Andy cried and said he was gonna grow up to be a homeless bum. I laughed really loud when he said that; he's the smartest kid I've ever seen.

We kept prank-calling the girls' rooms, and one of these calls ended up with Kelly and Justin becoming boyfriend-girlfriend. I kept being asked to be Jennifer's boyfriend, but it was embarrassing and all, and I'd never had a girlfriend, and I didn't really want one (I mean, come on--what does a girlfriend have to do with basketball?).

(I've got to say that it feels good to be apparently the sexiest man on the face of the earth. Justin and Andy took a survey--they asked all the girls if they liked me. Only Jenni and Anna said "no." That means if I want, I've got my pick of Jayme Hawthorne, Jill Nguyen, Bonnie Pace, Anne Powell, Jennifer Sims, Allie Verlander, and Angela Williamson. We're talkin' hot babes here, people.)

We woke up this morning and packed up and left after doing some more Dallas stuff. On the way back the girls pulled this stunt where they switched seats with everybody, and Chet was in on it for some god-awful reason, and I had Jennifer "I Have a Huge Crush on Adam Wilson" Sims sitting next to me telling me how cute I was. I caved and asked her to be my girlfriend. She said she'd think about it and left. Anne came to me to deliver the good news: yes.

So I have a girlfriend. Jennifer Diane Sims. She's pretty hot. I am 11 years old, which means that I am 100% certain that Jennifer and I are completely in love and that we will be together forever and that nothing will go wrong for the rest of my life. Her birthday is June 20 like Bryan's. She wears a retainer with a silver bar that runs across her top teeth and makes her look really cute. Jennifer's only flaw? She loves Michael Jordan. I'll have to learn to tolerate that.

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