Friday, October 5, 1990

Last Day at Scott Teays

Scott Teays Elementary School. The sign on the right says, "October 10/ Husson's Pizza Night." Mmm.
Today was my last day at Scott Teays Elementary. It was the first time I left a school and actually cried. I was sort of embarrassed. Chris Eggleton gave me a poster of this year's LSU schedule autographed by Mike Archer. The Tigers are 3-1 right now; I hope I get to go to a game this year.

My art group won first prize at the school carnival today. Here's what we did: see, it was like, only $5 to get into the carnival, so I came up with the idea of drawing a one-armed, one-legged clown saying that it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get into the carnival. And Danny Barton drew it, and it was really good. Everybody who saw the picture laughed uncomfortably at it. Mission: Accomplished.

I'm gonna miss all my buddies (I had them all write their phone numbers and addresses in my Bart Simpson address book--The Simpsons rule!), and I hate that Danny Barton, Billy Biggs, Jacob Justice, Derek Keeling, Matthew Pauley, Joseph Togger, and I (The Magic) won't be able to get back together and win the league basketball championship this year. We were robbed!

I'm not gonna miss Nichole Edmonston. She's the ugly girl who won't stop having a crush on me. I am gonna miss Jessica Painter, the hottest girl in school, and Leigh Brazeau, who actually might be the hottest girl in school.

I'm gonna miss Husson's Pizza, the mountains, the big house (114 Scott Lane), all the dogs next door (Mr. Tom and Ms. Joyce are bringing Cody to our house in West Monroe in a month or so), riding go-carts on the track we "made," Mountaineer football, and having a Dairy Queen within walking distance of the house. Oh yeah, and snow.

I remember a couple of years ago when it was my last day at school in Shreveport, and we listened to "Take Me Home, Country Roads" by John Denver, and how sad it made me because I didn't want to leave Louisiana, and I remember how I thought that song really sucked, but now I like it, and for some dang reason I don't want to leave West Virginia. It's a great place, and I hope to come back one day.

In a few days, we'll be taking another 16-hour drive to Louisiana. Whoopee. I heard a new song today by Jon Bon Jovi called "Blaze of Glory." It's pretty good, but it's not as good as the whole band Bon Jovi's music. But I hope to hear it a couple times on the road trip.

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