Friday, May 19, 1989

My Last Day at Turner

Amanda (3) and me (7) in front of the fireplace in Shreveport, summer 1987
Today was my last day at Turner Elementary. We had cupcakes in our class, and everybody sent me off nicely. Mama picked me and Amanda up early so we could go home and pack our stuff (and beat the traffic). I had three teachers at Turner: Ms. Musick in first grade, Ms. Mattie Jackson in second grade, and Mrs. Holly Hopkins in third grade. It's sort of cool this being my last day because I got to take my final exams early (they don't get out this year at Turner until June 4--my birthday), and I don't have to go to school in West Virginia until September. It's gonna be a long summer.

The things I'll always remember about Turner (and Shreveport in general):
  1. Learning to play basketball
  2. The Independence Bowl between Southern Mississippi and UTEP (Brett Favre was Southern Miss's quarterback)
  3. Watching my first football game--LSU 7, Auburn 6
  4. Watching Super Bowls XXII (Washington > Denver) and XXIII (San Francisco > Cincinnati)
  5. Watching all those LSU basketball games on tv--I love Chris Jackson. When I play basketball, I want to be #35!
  6. Alf, our dog that we had to get rid of because Amanda is allergic
  7. Blaring my first rock albums (my first was Slippery When Wet - Bon Jovi is my favorite band) on my first stereo
  8. Getting my twin beds and having friends over almost every weekend and playing with our Micro Machines
  9. Nick Sinville, the only kid in school who can beat me at basketball
  10. All my best friends: Blake Lee, Travis Bates, Seth West, Brandon Conger, Ronald Parker, Nick Sinville, Justin Greene, Hunter Pullig, Kevin Duck, & Jason Beck
When we're in West Virginia, I hope I get to go see football games in Morgantown. The Mountaineers almost won the national championship this past year (I hate Notre Dame), and they've got some players I really want to see, especially James Jett and Renaldo Turnbull.

We leave tomorrow for Monroe to see both sides of the family before we leave for Scott Depot, Putnam County, West Virginia. My address will be:
114 Scott Lane
Scott Depot, WV 25560

Au revoir, Louisiane!

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