Friday, April 3, 1987

First Day at School in Shreveport

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This morning I went to school in Shreveport for the first time. I took some test to see if I should really be in the first grade or not. I did really well on the test, and Mr. Hooks, the assistant principal, said I was one of the smartest kids he'd ever seen. They still put me in first grade, though. I think that's ok because the second graders are a lot bigger than I am.

My teacher's name is Ms. Musick. She has a fish bowl full of Skittles. I don't think I've ever had Skittles, but I've seen a lot of commercials about Skittles, and they look just like M&M's.

I go to Turner Elementary & Middle School now. Our colors are red and white, and we're the Tigers. This is the biggest school I've ever seen--it has over 1000 students! Rocky Branch, my first school, had exactly 200 (199 when I left). I'm not all scared or anything, though, because this is my fourth school, so I'm good at going to a new school by now. I've already made my first friend, Seth West. He's funny without getting in trouble.

There's a girl named Chantrell Webb, and a boy named Rodriguez. Shreveport people sure do have funny names. There's also a girl named Kristy Payne. Holy cow, this girl is so hot.

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